Portalegre Municipal Museum

Portalegre Municipal Museum

The Portalegre Municipal Museum was opened in 1918 in the spirit of the 1st Republic, by proposal of Laureano Antonio Picão Sardinha , on the premises of the respective Municipality, resumming up his estate to a collection of Sacred Art, an exhibition of sculpture and bas-reliefs of the sixteenth century , pieces of furniture of the seventeenth century to the eighteenth century, Italian School painting of the eighteenth century and copies of Arraiolos tapestry.

In 1932 , it is installed in the church of the Convent of São Bernardo , where it was stationed the No.1 Hunters Battalion.

Due difficulties in the realization of visits in 1959 , the Museum it is transferred to the building where it is currently , a noble house of the sixteenth century, situated near the Cathedral of Portalegre. In that same year, the building was subject to adaptation works, having proceeded to the inauguration of the new instalations of the Museum , at 28 th May of 1961 .

In 1965, and due the need to accommodate some important and valuable donations, were done expansion works at the Museum. With the departure of the Municipal Library of the building in 1982 , the respective exhibition space was extended to the second floor of the same building .

Portalegre Municipal Museum
Rua José Maria da Rosa
7300 – 110 Portalegre
Telephone- 351 245 307 525


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